8 tips for writing performing ad copy

One of the most important parts of an advertisement is the ad copy. The ad copy allows businesses to share their message in plain language to consumers – especially online advertisements where space is limited. Ad copywriting is a challenging job. It requires a lot of creativity, experience and analysis, not to mention the advertisement space limitations.

Performance marketing specialists rely on ad copywriting since it is one of their most powerful advertisement tools regarding return on investment or ROI.

List of the 8 tips for performing ad copy

Here are some tips for those who want to write good advertisement copy.
In the last years of working together with our clients, these are the most important tips for a successful ad copy – we hope they help you.

1) Understand your audience

This is the first place to start when writing advertisement copies – what do you want your audience to get out from reading your advertisement? If you are not familiar with this, it will be hard for you to write a good ad and one that can attract readers. So start by understanding who you are addressing and the aim for that specific group.

2) Make it simple

Good advertisement copies are written in plain language and the idea or message conveyed should be simple. However, writing an advertisement copy so that anyone reading can easily understand the message you want to share without being confused with technical terms or ideas expressed is hard to comprehend.

3) Use words that appeal to your audience

When writing an advertisement, you have to choose words that would appeal most to your target audience. In addition, the advertisement copy has to be clear and concise enough for readers to understand what you are offering while keeping them engaged, so they go on reading instead of moving on.

4) Be clear with your objective

Every advertisement has an objective – whether it’s gaining new customers or increasing sales. Make sure the advertisement copy you write is clear about the purpose of the ad. You could attract more readers if your advertisement makes sense with what your audience wants to get out of the ad and it creates a desire in them to read further.

5) Create desire

Creating desire is also one of the ways to keep readers engaged. What do you mean by creating desire? It’s drawing attention through good advertisement copy that will make consumers want to know more about the product or service being sold and make them want to find out more about the business itself.

6) Create a fantastic ad design

Good advertisement design will not only draw attention, but it’s also the first impression that consumers get when they see an advertisement.
This is why advertisement design matters – make sure the ad you write or design for your business is clean, simple and easy to understand within seconds.

7) Test and track

Once you have written an advertisement copy, don’t assume it would work well for business since no two advertisement copies are alike. You need to test and track results.
If advertisement copy is not working out, don’t just give up but rather try again until you find an advertisement that works better for business.

8) Use the right keywords

Using the right keywords while writing advertisement copy can help get a more targeted audience and improve visibility online, improving the click-through rate of ad copy.
You could use the Google Ads keyword tool or other similar tools for keyword suggestions.