11 biggest challenges setting up your first Google Ads campaign

Google Ads is an amazing tool to advertise your business.  The platform is excellent in many ways, but it also attracts some typical mistakes when users just get started.
If you don’t want to be one of them, here is our list of the 11 biggest challenges setting up your first Google Ads campaign.

The most common mistakes when setting up a Google Ads account

1. Expectations are too high

It’s worth it to invest some time in setting up your first campaign, but please don’t expect immediate results.
A whole month is required for ads to be running effectively. If you see no visible changes, wait at least two more weeks and then evaluate the campaign once again.

2. Not enough keywords for testing

Keywords are basically what Google Ads uses to target users searching the internet for products or services like yours.
Consequently, you have to include them in your ad copy, the landing page’s title, etc. They need to be relevant, though, as well as competitive (high search volume). Therefore, you should invest some time researching which “terms” best suit your business. You can find free tools online that will help you better understand.

3. Wrong niche or keyword research

Doing some competitive research is a must before launching your ads.
Look at what your competitors are doing and choose the best performing keywords: high search volume, low competition, relevant to your business. You can explore more with the Google Ads keyword planner or other third-party tools. If you’re still unsure about whether those terms will benefit you, then opt for the free trial service on the Google Ads platform and test it out further.

4. Linking website doesn’t look good when viewed from mobile devices

Google’s algorithm loves mobile-friendly websites that work fast, which means a speedy page load time ( 3 secs ), easy navigation, descriptive alt tags for images. Make sure your site is responsive to mobile devices as well. It makes the user experience better for them, and it also signals Google that you’re a trustworthy business.

5. Missing website description and meta information

Don’t leave your potential customers in the dark. Remember always to add a short but accurate description of your product/service. This is how Google will show it in the search results. In case you don’t have time, use an SEO plugin for WordPress or let SEO experts do this for you!

6. Old, outdated content or no content at all

Google loves fresh content – blog posts are written every day or even better several times per week/month; make sure you keep it that way as long as possible!. Remember that good old plain texts convert much better than pictures “click here to see our new collection” accompanied with links won’t get you anywhere.

7. Unclear “call to action”

When creating ads, make sure you connect them to your desired landing page. This “link” must be visible and clear. If someone sees your ad, they should immediately guess where they will end up after clicking it. That means if the call to action is not clear enough, then try adding text like “read more,” “check us out,” or something similar.

8. Don’t put money into Google Ads without testing what works for you

If you invest in advertising without trying how it works and whether the results are worth the budget spent on them – this might be a waste of money in case Google shows paid ads that your users ignore, etc.

9. Ads that are not easily identifiable

There should be a clear connection between your ad and the landing page you direct users to. Even if we’re talking about images, they must relay clear messages like “free shipping” “offer ends soon.” Try adding some short but eye-catching headline that makes users want to click on it!

10. Overly saturated ads

Google now requires more transparency in the advertisement content. So please don’t abuse the platform by flooding it with your ads that will only make google block them. With this said, don’t overthink things too much as if you test something for 30 days and no results-it’s time to move on!

11. Not enough budget

In the end, even if you have great products and strategies in place, if you don’t invest enough money into google ads, then your efforts will be left unrewarded. So make sure you play smartly – allocate a reasonable sum that can bring long-lasting results!